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Everything You Need To Know About Large Format Tiles

February 28, 20243 min read

Hey everyone, it's TJ from Sanctified Homes and Construction. Today, we're diving into the world of large-format tiles with Lucas Marman, our go-to expert in tile settings. Large format tiles have become increasingly popular for their sleek appearance and minimal grout lines, offering a modern look to any space. However, working with these tiles requires a bit of know-how to ensure a flawless installation. Let's break down what you need to know about large format tiles, from selection to installation.

What Defines Large Format Tiles?

Large format tiles are any tile with a side longer than 15 inches. This includes a wide range of sizes, from 6x24 inch planks to larger squares and rectangles. The size of these tiles presents unique challenges and opportunities in installation and design.

Installation Considerations


One of the main concerns with large format tiles is lippage, where one edge of a tile is higher than the adjacent tile, creating an uneven surface. This issue arises due to the tiles' size and the potential for slight variations in thickness.

Recommended Layouts

To minimize lippage, manufacturers often recommend specific layouts, such as a 70/30 offset or a straight stack. These layouts help distribute any height variations across the installation, reducing the risk of noticeable lippage.

  • 70/30 Offset: This layout offsets the tiles by 70%, reducing the chance of lippage at the tile's highest point, which is typically the center.

  • Straight Stack: Aligning the tiles directly with each other, this layout offers a modern look and minimizes lippage by avoiding offset joints.

Installation Tips

  • Underlayment: Proper underlayment is crucial for large format tiles. Using products like Ditra can help prevent cracks and ensure a stable base for your tiles.

  • Tile Thickness: Thinner tiles may be easier to flex and adjust, reducing the risk of lippage. When shopping for large format tiles, consider the tile's thickness and how it will impact installation.

  • Manufacturer's Recommendations: Always check the tile manufacturer's recommendations for installation layouts and techniques. This guidance is invaluable for achieving the best results.

Choosing the Right Tile

When selecting large format tiles, consider the following:

  • Aesthetic Goals: Determine the look you're aiming for. Do you prefer a seamless appearance with minimal grout lines, or are you looking for a patterned layout?

  • Tile Quality: Higher-end tiles often have stricter manufacturing standards, resulting in more uniform thickness and less risk of lippage.

  • Installation Space: Consider the size of the room and how the tile's size will fit. Larger tiles in a small room may require more cuts, potentially impacting the overall look.

Final Thoughts

Large format tiles can dramatically transform a space, offering a clean, contemporary look. However, their installation requires careful planning and precision. You can ensure a successful project by understanding the challenges and solutions associated with large format tiles.

For more insights into home improvement and construction, visit our sites at Sanctified Homes and Blessed to Build. Whether you're exploring tile options for your next project or seeking advice on other construction matters, we're here to help elevate your home to the next level.

If you have any questions or are considering large format tiles for your home, don't hesitate to reach out. Lucas Marman and our team are ready to assist you in achieving the perfect finish for your space. Remember, the key to a successful tile installation is not just in choosing the right tile but in paying attention to the details that ensure a lasting, beautiful result.

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