Building Better Explained: A Guide by TJ

Building Better Explained: A Guide by TJ

November 26, 20233 min read

Hey, it's TJ here and today I'm diving into what it really means to build better homes. This isn't just about following the latest trends or using fancy materials. It's about creating spaces that are safe, durable, and healthy for everyone who lives there.

Safety: The Foundation of Home Building

The Importance of a Safe Structure

When we talk about safety in home building, it's not just about meeting the bare minimum standards. It's about going above and beyond. In Wisconsin, where I work, the building codes are, frankly, embarrassingly low. That's why at Sanctified Homes, we're committed to raising the bar. We're not just building to code; we're building to a standard that ensures the utmost safety for you and your family.

Integrating Safety Features

One unique feature we've been integrating into our homes is what we call a safety room. This is different from your typical storm shelter. It's a room with six sides of concrete, designed to be a haven during storms or any other emergencies. It's about giving you peace of mind, knowing there's a secure place right in your home.

Health: More Than Just Building Materials

The Air You Breathe

A healthy home goes beyond just using non-toxic materials. It's about ensuring the air you breathe is clean and safe. We've built homes for families with severe asthma, and by using the right products and systems like ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators), we've significantly improved their living conditions. Learn more about healthy building practices at Blessed to Build.

Durability: Building Homes That Last

Longevity in Building Materials

Durability in home building means choosing materials and construction methods that stand the test of time. We're not interested in building homes that need major overhauls every few decades. Our goal is to build homes that will be standing strong and looking great 500 years from now.

Cost vs. Value

Building a durable home might cost a bit more upfront – we're talking about a 5-10% increase in your budget. But considering the longevity and reduced maintenance costs, it's an investment that pays off in the long run.

Raising the Standard

A Call to Action for Builders

I'm not just talking to homeowners here. This is a call to action for my fellow builders. We need to collectively raise our standards. It's not just about competition; it's about ensuring everyone has access to safe, healthy, and durable homes.

The Future of Building

Looking ahead, we're excited about the projects we have lined up for 2024. We're focusing on educating and involving the next generation in building better. It's about creating a legacy of quality, safety, and sustainability in homebuilding.

Final Remarks

Building better isn't just a slogan; it's a commitment to excellence in every aspect of home construction. From the foundation to the roof, every element of a home should contribute to the safety, health, and comfort of its inhabitants. At Sanctified Homes, we're dedicated to this philosophy, ensuring that every home we build is a testament to quality and care. For more insights into our building philosophy and practices, check out our YouTube channel.

Remember, building better isn't just about the here and now; it's about creating homes that will stand as a testament to quality for generations to come. Let's raise our standards and build a future we can all be proud of.

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TJ Vitense

Founder of Sanctified Homes and Construction & the Blessed to Build Foundation, TJ believes in raising the industry standards. With his company Strategic Real Estate Experts, he helped hundreds of families buy and sell homes. And, now manages new home construction as one of Wisconsin's best home builders.

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