How Homes Are Built: Basement Insulation (Ep. 8) - Parade of Homes Wisconsin

How Homes Are Built: Basement Insulation (Ep. 8) - Parade of Homes Wisconsin

August 23, 20232 min read

The Importance of Basement Insulation

Welcome back to our enlightening Parade of Homes Wisconsin series. As we progress, each episode unravels a new facet of home building, and today we delve into the intricacies of basement insulation, a pivotal component that ensures comfort and energy efficiency in any home.

Understanding the 'R' in Insulation

The world of insulation is dotted with ratings and numbers. Chief among these is the 'R' value, which denotes resistance. When we talk about walls having values like R19, R30, R40, or even R50, we're essentially discussing how resistant that insulation is to heat flow. A higher 'R' means more insulation and better energy efficiency.

The Value of R7.5 Foam Board

Our chosen method at Sanctified Homes is to install an R7.5 foam board around our basement foundations. Although merely an inch and a half in thickness, this foam offers considerable insulation. What's even better is that when this foam is coupled with additional insulation during wall framing, homeowners can comfortably achieve the recommended R20 insulation value for basement walls.

Avoiding Over-Insulation

Balancing insulation can be tricky. Too little, and you lose out on energy efficiency; too much, and you risk overspending without tangible benefits. Our approach at Sanctified Homes focuses on achieving that balance. While we ensure no basement wall goes below the R20 mark, we're also cautious not to exceed to the point where it's no longer cost-effective.

The Benefits of a Thermal Break

Beyond insulation value, our chosen foam board offers another significant advantage. Positioned between the outer concrete and the inner wall framing, this insulation acts as a thermal break. This means it effectively halts cold transfer from the concrete to the wood framing, ensuring basements remain warm in the winter and cool during summer months.

Ensuring Durability and Efficiency

At the heart of our building philosophy is the commitment to provide homes that are durable, safe, healthy, and comfortable. Basement insulation plays a pivotal role in this. By adequately insulating the basement, homeowners can prevent unnecessary energy expenditures, ensuring heat doesn't escape during winters or seep in during summers.

Stay Tuned for More

As always, our mission with the Parade of Homes Wisconsin series is to offer value, insights, and guidance. If you have questions or topics you'd like covered, reach out to us or subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay updated.

In the interim, don't just build—build better. Always remember to raise your standards, and we'll be back with more insights soon.

If you want to learn more about Sanctified Homes & Construction, checkout our homepage at WisconsinHomeBuild.com, or book a call directly on my calendar here.

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