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Water Management Strategy - Deep Dive

February 11, 20243 min read

Hey everyone, it's TJ from Sanctified Homes, and today we're taking a deep dive into a topic that's crucial for any homeowner or future homeowner: Water Management Strategy. Whether you're planning to build a new home or considering a remodel, understanding how to manage water around your property is essential. Let's break down what a water management strategy is and what you need to look for when planning your home.

The Importance of a Water Management Strategy

Water damage is one of the leading causes of home repair and insurance claims. It can stem from a variety of sources, including rain, snow, and even the ground your home sits on. A comprehensive water management strategy is your first line of defense against these potential issues, protecting your home from the foundation up.

Starting from the Bottom

When considering water management, it's crucial to start at the foundation. Proper drainage systems, such as gravel and footings, play a vital role in preventing water from wicking up through your basement foundation. These systems help filter water away from your home, ensuring that moisture doesn't compromise the structural integrity of your foundation.

The Role of Capillary Action

Concrete, a common material used in foundations, can absorb a surprising amount of water through capillary action. This phenomenon allows water to move through porous materials, and without a break between the footing and the wall, your home could be at risk. Implementing strategies to interrupt this capillary action is essential in keeping your basement dry.

Grading and Slope

The land's grading around your home significantly impacts water management. Ideally, the terrain should slope away from your home, directing water away from the foundation. This simple yet effective strategy can prevent a multitude of water-related issues, from basement flooding to soil erosion.

Above Ground Strategies

Moving up from the foundation, it's important to consider how water interacts with the rest of your home. This includes everything from the siding and windows to the roof and gutters.

Siding and Cladding

Water inevitably gets behind siding and cladding. The key is to have a strategy in place to dry out this moisture before it can cause damage. Techniques such as rain screens can be incredibly effective in managing moisture and preventing mold growth.

Window Detailing

Properly detailing around windows is crucial. Caulk should not be your primary defense against water; instead, flashing and other methods should be used to ensure water doesn't penetrate these vulnerable areas.

Roof and Overhangs

The design of your roof and the size of your overhangs can significantly impact water management. Overhangs can help protect your siding from rain, while a well-designed gutter system can direct water away from your home's foundation, mitigating potential damage.

Implementing Your Strategy

A water management strategy should encompass your entire home, from the ground up. It's about creating a continuous barrier that protects your home from water in all its forms. When planning your home, be able to trace a continuous line around your home on the blueprints, indicating your comprehensive water management strategy.

The Takeaway

Water management is a complex, yet crucial aspect of home construction and maintenance. It requires careful planning and consideration at every stage of the building process. By understanding and implementing a robust water management strategy, you can protect your home from the many issues water can cause.

For more insights into building your dream home and ensuring it stands the test of time, visit Wisconsin Home Build and Blessed to Build. Remember, building a home is not just about creating a beautiful space; it's about constructing a safe, durable, and sustainable environment for you and your loved ones. Don't just meet the standard—raise it.

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