Raising Industry Standards

& Leaving a Legacy

It’s crazy to think you can change an industry; it’s crazy to think that a small group of highly motivated people can make a ding in the universe while we are here. The courage, tenacity and commitment one must possess to go after that dream is what sets extraordinary companies apart from every other company out there.

We are committed to nothing less than creating life shaping industry leaders in this company who not only rise to the occasion but raise the standards in this industry and provide you with more than just a house. We recognize a house is not just some walls and a roof but…

A HOME is somewhere your first child is brought after birth, your son or daughter goes to their first school dance, mom & dad celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, & birthday parties that fill the home with laugher will be captured inside those walls…a home is somewhere you make magical moments and etch your name in eternity with memories that will be passed down for generations to come.

You are family here isn’t just something we say but we live by, and your home isn’t just walls and a roof but it’s a place where you feel safe, loved and happy. The same happiness our loved ones feel after building a custom home is the same happiness we want to pass onto all of our clients, which in turn become part of our family.

Meet Our Team

Our team has over 77 years of combined experience in construction and design, so we know how to make your dream home a reality!

We have three founders with vast experience who contribute immensely to the joy of our clients and the success of the company.


Mark Stewart

Mark is a renowned builder with over 21 years of home building showcased in the Parade of Homes. He pulls all the strings and sees everything needed to put a beautiful home together for your family. What pieces go where and who does what in the proper order, Mark knows how to put a team together that will get you into your custom dream home. A builder who cut his teeth learning from the ground up, Mark has personally worked in almost every trade it takes to build a home. Mark can tell you the difference between a poorly built home & a builder who knows how to put a home together properly.

Mark started swinging a hammer when he was just 15 years old and hasn’t looked back since, even buying his first rehab home when he was just 17! The founder of Landmark Homes back in the 80’s Mark built parade homes year after year, including multi-million dollar homes on local lakes, golf courses and everywhere in between. Possibly one of the most detailed builders to come out of Wisconsin, Mark sold his company in 2006, moved to Colorado, started running a lodge and then got the itch to come back home to his roots in Wisconsin. He’s jumped right back into the building trade and is ready to take Sanctified to the number one rated home builder in Wisconsin.


TJ Vitense

TJ is the mover and shaker of the group. TJ put the founding fathers together and the vision/mission and core values of where Sanctified Homes & Construction, LLC is going. Out in the field and meeting with our clients and making sure we deliver on our brand promises, TJ is relentlessly in pursuit of excellence in everything he does and being a force for good in the world.

TJ is the young gun of the trio with over 25 years of construction and real estate experience. While TJ’s passion revolves around all things real estate, he is best known for being an Amazon Best Selling Author about real estate and how to position homes to sell in any marketplace for top dollar. With an extensive back ground in rehabbing homes, long term holds of investment property and always a keen eye on the market, TJ is our go to when thinking about long term investments and your ROI on the future sale of your home.

TJ is constantly looking for ways to challenge himself and striving to reach his full potential and taking Sanctified Homes & Construction, LLC to the number one rated builders in Wisconsin.


Ted Turnquist

Ted see’s the entire build process from start to finish, and looks into the future to analyze pricing, layouts, and when to schedule all the moving parts and vendors. If you want to know exactly what’s happening and where everything is at in the process, Ted will have the answer.

With over 31 years of residential construction/project management and real estate experience, Ted brings a plethora of product knowledge and job experience to the table. With a detailed eye for planning and seeing jobs through from start to finish, Ted will keep your home build on track.

Seeing the x’s and o’s and the game plan through from start to finish is where Ted excels in this process. Born and raised right here in Madison WI, Ted spends his free time in the woods, visiting his beautiful granddaughter, volunteering at his Church and taking vacations with his jet setting wife.

That’s right. When you build with us, we’ll sell your home for 0% commission! On a $400k home, that could save you as much as $12k. That's an investment in your dream kitchen!

The company legacy we leave, the products we recommend and service providers we use are all considered when making decisions about building your dream home. A house, we realize, is so much more than somewhere to lay your head but somewhere that magical moments will be created for you and your entire family.

We will stop at nothing to create excellence in this world, while understanding we all fall short, our ambition is to be excellent in everything we do at Sanctified Homes & Construction. We want to work with the best in all areas of the building process and create leaders who will come behind us to carry on this torch.

You are Family Here



Our Values

At Sanctified, we are committed to raising the standards in the industry. At our core, we value transparency, trust, & communication. Our mission is not to only give you a modern, efficient home, but a place to experience life with the ones you love the most.



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