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The Twelve Days of Tools

December 13, 20232 min read

Hey everyone, TJ here from Sanctified Homes, bringing you a special holiday edition: The Twelve Days of Tools. Whether you're a contractor or shopping for one, these tools and gadgets are must-haves. Let's dive into this festive list of essentials for the toolbox.

Day 1: ISO Tunes Noise Cancelling Headphones

Protect your hearing while enjoying your favorite tunes with the ISO Tunes Noise Canceling Headphones. Perfect for blocking out job site noise and doubling as a hands-free communication device.

Day 2: GPS Tracker

Secure your vehicles and equipment with this hardwired GPS Tracker. It's an essential tool for preventing theft and keeping track of your assets.

Day 3: Pica Pencil

Say goodbye to constant sharpening with the Pica Pencil. Its built-in sharpener keeps the tip ready for precise marking, a true time-saver.

Day 4: Combo Utility Pocket Knife

Combine utility and convenience with this combo utility pocket knife. It's a two-in-one solution for all your cutting needs.

Day 5: Cats Paw

For heavy-duty demolition work, the rugged Cats Paw is your go-to tool. It's durable, reliable, and perfect for pulling nails and prying.

Day 6: Moisture Meter

Plumbers, framers, and DIYers alike will find the moisture meter invaluable for assessing moisture levels in materials and ensuring the integrity of your work.

Day 7: Framing Tool

Make framing a breeze with this 16 On-Center Stud Framing Tool. It's a great aid for DIYers and occasional framers for accurate layouts.

Day 8: Gear Tiez

Organize and secure anything with these versatile Gear Tiez. They're reusable, durable, and come in various sizes for different needs.

Day 9: Digital Level

Ensure precision in your work with this handy digital level. It's perfect for pipes, walls, and verifying angles on saws.

Day 10: Angle Finder

For more complex angles, the Neotech Angle Finder is a must-have. It's ideal for rough framing and checking door squareness.

Day 11: Tape Measure

Measure with clarity and ease using the Crescent Lufkin Shock Force Tape Measure. Its high-contrast markings are easy on the eyes, even for those with vision challenges.

Day 12: 90-Degree Square

Achieve perfect corners in woodworking with these 90-Degree Corner Angles. They're a great help in assembling boxes or drawers.

Bonus Day 13: GoJo Wipes

Keep clean on the go with GoJo Scrubbing Towels. They're a lifesaver when water isn't available, ensuring you can clean up after any task.

This holiday season, equip yourself or your loved ones with these fantastic tools. Each one is a game-changer in its own right, making work easier, more efficient, and enjoyable. Check out these tools and more at Wisconsin Home Build and Blessed to Build.

Happy holidays, and remember, always raise your standard!

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TJ Vitense

Founder of Sanctified Homes and Construction & the Blessed to Build Foundation, TJ believes in raising the industry standards. With his company Strategic Real Estate Experts, he helped hundreds of families buy and sell homes. And, now manages new home construction as one of Wisconsin's best home builders.

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