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Tree Trimming Made Easy: Dewalt 20V Cordless Pole Saw Review

November 01, 20233 min read

Hey there, fellow builders and DIY enthusiasts! It's TJ from Sanctified Homes and Construction. Today, I'm excited to share my experience with a tool that has made tree trimming a breeze: the DeWalt 20V Cordless Pole Saw. If you've been on the lookout for a reliable pole saw that doesn't compromise on performance, this might just be the one for you.

A Closer Look at the DeWalt 20V Cordless Pole Saw

Impressive Reach

The first thing that caught my attention was the impressive reach of this pole saw. With an extension pole that allows for up to 15 ft. of reach, those hard-to-reach branches are no longer a challenge. No more risky balancing on ladders or straining to get to those higher branches. The DeWalt 20V Cordless Pole Saw has got you covered.

Durable Cutting Grip

The saw also boasts a metal bucking strip and tree hook. These features are not just for show; they ensure a durable cutting grip and make it easy to remove pruned branches. No more wrestling with branches or trying to get a good grip. This saw is designed to make your tree-trimming tasks smoother and more efficient.

Efficient and Safe Motor

Now, let's talk about the motor. The brushless motor is a game-changer. During my tests, I managed to achieve up to 96 cuts on a 4-inch x 4-inch pressure-treated pine wood on a single charge. That's efficiency at its best. With an 8-inch low kickback full complement bar and chain, the cutting process is not only efficient but also safe.

Low Maintenance and Comfort

Maintenance? DeWalt is there for you. The pole saw features an auto-oiling mechanism, which means low maintenance for you. No more constant oil checks or messy oiling processes. To top it all off, the comfort grip handle ensures that your hands don't tire out quickly, even after extended use.

Putting It to the Test

I had the opportunity to use this pole saw for some tree trimming around a property. The branches weren't massive, but they were certainly out of reach. The DeWalt 20V Cordless Pole Saw made quick work of them. The ability to adjust the length and reach higher spots without the need for a ladder was a significant advantage. And the clean cuts? Simply impressive.

For those who might be wondering about the weight, especially with the extension, it's surprisingly manageable. The design is balanced, ensuring that you don't feel too much strain, even when reaching higher branches.

Final Thoughts

Is the DeWalt 20V Cordless Pole Saw worth the investment? In my opinion, absolutely. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a homeowner with a yard, this tool offers convenience, efficiency, and reliability. It's a must-have for anyone looking to make tree trimming less of a chore and more of a quick task. Click here if you want to have your hands on this tool.

For more insights into the world of construction and top-notch tools, don't forget to visit Sanctified Homes and Blessed to Build. As always, aim for excellence in all you do, and remember to raise your standards. Until next time, happy trimming!

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TJ Vitense

Founder of Sanctified Homes and Construction & the Blessed to Build Foundation, TJ believes in raising the industry standards. With his company Strategic Real Estate Experts, he helped hundreds of families buy and sell homes. And, now manages new home construction as one of Wisconsin's best home builders.

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